About Us

Our Story

The V & S Construction Services' story began in 1952 when James Vonasek and Robert Schieffer, Sr. decided to work together and launch a new construction company. Both Jim and Bob had past experience in construction; Jim worked with a residential building crew, and Bob working on various construction crews throughout the upper Midwest. Vonasek & Schieffer began as a residential and light commercial contractor. Their continual success led to the company becoming one of the major building contractors in Northwest Wisconsin.

In the 1970's and early 80's Jim and Bob's sons took interest in the company. By 1986, Vonasek & Schieffer was in its second generation of ownership by Tom Vonasek, Robert Schieffer, Jr., Ren Schieffer, Kurt Schieffer, and Todd Schieffer. In March 2008, Tom Vonasek sold his shares in the business to the four Schieffer brothers. Then, Robert Schieffer, Jr. retired in March 2016 and sold his shares in the business to his son Robert C. Schieffer. Ren Schieffer retired in March 2019 and Kurt Schieffer retired in September 2019. Therefore, the company is currently owned by Todd Schieffer and Bob Schieffer, who is the third generation of ownership.

Additionally, the company’s name was changed to V & S Construction Services, Inc., in February 2011. The company provides complete general construction, management, and design-build services.

V&S Construction Services has the goal to develop a partnership with each client that goes beyond the initial project. We are proud to have more than 65% of our yearly workload from repeat clients; which illustrates our commitment to each project before, during and after.

With close to 70 years in the construction business, it is difficult to capture all of our success; however, we would like to thank the local community and the communities of Northwest Wisconsin for the many ways in which they support the company and our employees for their commitment and hard work.

V & S Construction Services knows that every building they construct will stand for years as a testimony to the employee’s skills and passion. V & S Construction Services points to their past accomplishments because it is the base on which they build their future.

Mission Statement

The mission of V & S Construction Services, Inc. is to be a full-service general contractor/construction manager serving commercial, institutional, industrial and public sector customers in Northwest Wisconsin with a team of skilled construction professionals committed to quality, timeliness and customer satisfaction.